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Sarver Wood Fibre was founded in 2007 by four Aboriginal brothers who wanted to combine their successful businesses with an overarching goal in mind: Build a company that combines over 100 years of logging experience to provide forest services that Canada’s top companies would want to hire. We have. Because we’re straightforward, honest, safe and transparent in all we do, in fact over the past 10 years surpassing client expectations has become the norm.

Norton Sarver

Norton has held senior manager positions of just over 36 years. This experience includes working closely with several government bodies over the last 18 years as a site manager of a major BC landfill. Norton’s experience brings SWF the organization and due diligence necessary to capitalize on every aspect of a given project.

Jon Sarver

Jon believes in hard work and has over 35 years of experience bringing together many different stakeholders to create highly successful businesses. Jon’s conventional logging operations, experience working in environmentally sensitive areas and respect for his team’s health and safety is the leading force that drives SWF’s success.

Klint Sarver

With over 25 years of helicopter logging and power-line experience Klint is the engine that allows SWF to work in Canada’s most remote locations. A love for both teaching and new technology Klint makes sure that SWF’s new pilots and equipment are the best that our industry has to offer.

Madden Sarver

With over 20 years as a coastal faller Madden’s first priority is the safety and well being of SWF’s team. Madden’s commitment to the environment has also been illustrated with his work as a regional Captain for the BC Metis Nation.

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